The Scientific Day of MAI-SN- Modelling nuclear component ageing


jeudi, 30 septembre 2021


13:30 Europe/Paris

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Ordre du jour des événements

The Scope of this scientific day is to allow exchange between utilities and academia to discuss the needs and latest developments of materials ageing modelling to enable a continuous improvement in the safety and efficiency of the nuclear power generation as a low carbon energy source.

Research areas of the MAI cover a wide range of materials : stainless steels and alloys (reactor vessel internal structures, primary and secondary circuits), polymer materials (electric cables, coatings and insulator materials) and concrete structures such as reactor containment and spent fuel pools.

Key ageing processes studied are stress-corrosion cracking, thermal and irradiation induced embrittlement, fatigue, generalized corrosion, flow assisted corrosion, fouling and wear.

Modelling these ageing processes and developping prediction tools are key in the safe long term operation of nuclear power plants. This can help reduce maintenance costs, eliminate or extend the intervals of preventive maintenance, identify earlier equipment problems, and extend the life of plant assets.

The Scientific Day will aim at reviewing the most recent developpements in ageing modelling and explore the way they could be used by operators. Keynote lectures will be given by internationally recognized academics and industrial experts.

Program : 

September 30th 13.30 – 17.00 : 

Session 1 : Modelling ageing processes in metallic alloys

October 1st 9.00 – 13.00

Session 2 : Modelling ageing of concrete structure

Session 3 : Modelling of polymers ageing

Each session includes:

industrial and academic keynote lectures in plenary session and a poster session

Enjoy a tour of a unique industrial research facility!